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The Treasury Department is responsible for all the financial activities which include revenue collection of taxes, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, budget, investment, financial planning, debt management and financial reporting.

Linda Van Alstine, Treasurer
613-267-6500 ext. 215

Property taxes are the major source of revenue. The base for property taxation is the assessment roll. It defines classes and types of properties which are subject to taxation. The assessment roll comes from the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation [MPAC]. The information included in this roll is then used to determine tax rates and to levy taxes. Tax rates are determined and taxes levied after Council adopts the annual budget of estimated revenues and expenditures.


Tax Payments may be made by any of the following methods:

By Telephone/Internet Banking bill payment service through any of the Chartered Banks;
To pay through internet banking, you have to use your roll number as your account. You can only use 15 digits, e.g.,0919 919 000 00000 0000 You would log onto your bank site and query Township of Drummond or Town of Drummond, it all depends how each bank sets up the payee. If you have any further questions please call the Township office and ask for Janet George or Linda Van Alstine.

After Hours payments may be dropped off in the Mail Slot at the Township Office. 
(Please, no cash in the mail slot)

Pre-Authorized Monthly or Installment Payments- Print the form from our webpage.
Fill out the form recording your Roll number. Attach a copy of a voided cheque and mail to the Township Office. We must receive the information before the 8th of the month as the payments are submitted to the bank on the 10th of the month and released on the 15th. Normally the preauthorized monthly plan starts in November of each year based on 11 payments. You may still get on the plan later in the year but your monthly  payments will be higher. The Installment preauthorized payment plan is also available; please submit the same form with your banking information. Payments are  made in four installments which are the tax due dates on your tax bill. Please contact the office if you have any questions on how to fill out these forms.

Personal Pre-Authorized Payment Form

Business Forms

You are responsible for any late payment penalties. Notice of Arrears due dates are upon receipt of the notice. Late payment penalties are applied on or about the 1st of each month.

Please be sure we have an updated mailing address. Canada Post no longer delivers to a RR # alone.   Address changes must be in writing by regular mail, or by email.

Janet George, Tax Adminstrator
613-267-6500 ext. 242


Change of Address Form or Request to Discontinue Preauthorized Payments

It is the property owner’s responsibility to notify the Township Office of any changes. 
A change of address form is available by clicking here or a request to discontinue preauthorized payments form is available by clicking here. You can also contact the Township Office to request the above forms by email, fax or mail. 
As a security feature, the signature of the property owner is required for the office to process any such changes.

Property Class RTC 2018
Final Tax
Final Tax
Residential RTEP/RTES/RTFP/RTFS 0.00925490
+ Local charge $190.00
+ Local charge $190.00
Commercial CTN 0.02631361 0.02650596
Commercial Vacant CUN 0.01841952 0.01855418
Industrial ITN 0.03287274 0.03392761
Pipeline PTN 0.02863053 0.02945947
Farmland FTEP/FTES/FTFP/FTFS 0.00231373 0.00237464





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Did you receive a Property Assessment Notice from MPAC?
Every four years, Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) updates the value of every property in the province as part of Ontario’s assessment cycle.  In 2016, MPAC updated the assessed values of more than five million properties in Ontario.  This Assessment Update, based on a valuation date of January 1, 2016, will be applicable to the 2017-2020 property tax years.

When you receive your Property Assessment Notice, review it. No further action is required on your part unless you have questions or you disagree with your assessed value and/or classification.

Do you have questions about your 2016 Property Assessment Notice?  Visit or contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC) Customer Contact Centre at 1-866-296-MPAC (6722), or 1-877-889-MPAC (6722).

If you would like to learn more about how MPAC assessed your property and compare it to others in your neighbourhood, visit  You can also review market trends for your municipality and file a Request for Reconsideration.  Your unique Roll Number and Access Key are included on your 2016 Property Assessment Notice.