Delegation to Council

Bringing an Issue Before Council

The Township Council is the democratic institution and level of government closest to its citizens and provides the most accessible forum for residents to communicate with their elected officials. Council encourages input from the public.

Any citizen/resident of the Township can have an opportunity to express concerns about issues at regular Committee of the Whole meetings. Delegates usually appear:

  • to express views or opinions regarding an issue appearing on Council agendas;
  • to identify a specific concern requiring a decision;
  • to provide general comments for Council to consider about future community decisions.

Regular Committee of the Whole meetings take place at 2:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers on the first and third Tuesday of each month (except July). 

How to be a Delegate before Council?
What can I expect to happen at the meeting?
Tips to Assist in Presenting Delegates position to Council:
Delegation Etiquette:

To appear before a Committee of the Whole meeting, delegates are required to contact the Deputy Clerk at 613-267-6500 ext. 251 ( by noon on the Thursday prior to the Committee of the Whole meeting. Please fill out the attached form and drop it off at the Township Office or you can send it via email or fax to 613-267-2083.

All written material pertaining to the delegate’s item is placed on the agenda for distribution prior to the meeting. This allows pertinent staff member(s) an opportunity to gather or prepare necessary background information and Council an opportunity to study the issue prior to the meeting. Each delegate is only allowed 10 minutes and if presenting via PowerPoint please keep slides to no more than ten.  All documentation is be sent to the Deputy Clerk no later than noon on the Thursday prior to the meeting.

Staff should be given advance notice of delegations in order to:

  • determine if a delegation’s  attendance is absolutely necessary, as concerns can sometimes be resolved by a staff member or may be outside the jurisdiction of the municipal level of Government.
  • determine if the item being discussed would be better presented in a ‘private, non-public forum’ i.e. involving personnel or confidential documents or issues.
  • Arrange for Audio/Visual equipment if necessary.

NOTE – the following issues will not be heard as delegation items:

  • invitations to Council to participate in an event or special occasions
  • promotions of private business or group

Upon entering the Council Chambers, the following procedure is expected:

  • take a seat in the general audience section;
  • after the meeting is called to order, the Chair will announce the delegations as they appear in the agenda;
  • upon hearing your name, you may take a seat at the delegate’s desk directly in front of the Council table.

Tips to Assist in Presenting Delegates position to Council:

  1. Prepare in advance for no more than a 10-minute presentation. Written material will help to keep you focused and ensure that you stay within the allotted time. This will assist members of Council and appropriate staff when they have details of your concern(s) in writing. If you have a presentation on an USB stick, please present this to the Deputy Clerk no later than the Thursday noon before the meeting.
  2. If you are appearing on behalf of a group, advise the Chair that you will be speaking for the group. Groups are always encouraged to select no more than two spokespersons to speak on their behalf.
  3. Delegations are normally heard at the beginning of the agenda and are placed in the order in which they were received. When it is your turn, the Chair will call your name and request you to proceed to the delegation table where you will identify yourself, the group you represent, and state your presentation.
  4. When addressing the Chair, it is appropriate to use “Madam Chair or Mr. Chair” and when addressing the Reeve and Council, it is appropriate to use “Members of Council”.
  5. Be very clear and concise on what your request to Council is and why you are approaching them. After your presentation has been made, and Council has completed asking their questions, the Chair will thank you for your presentation. At this point you may return to your seat in the general audience section. After this, the Chair will not entertain further comments or debate from the delegation.
  6. After all delegations on a topic have been heard, the Chair and Council members may:
  • discuss the item later in the agenda and make a decision;
  • refer the item to a future meeting so additional information may be obtained; 
  • receive the item for information only (which means no decision to change current policy is supported

Please Remember - Applause, booing, or other audible demonstrations of support or opposition will not be tolerated, as it could be intimidating for those with opposing views. Please display the same courtesy and respect to others that you expect for yourself. Delegations and members of the audience are requested to respect all citizens,regardless of differing views and opinions.